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Josh Abbey

Principal Architect / Co Founder

Josh has been in the architecture industry for a decade with a breadth of experience. His design and project management portfolio includes high-end hospitality projects for hotel operators such as Ritz Carlton, Hilton Conrad, Wyndham Grand, 1Hotel, and Six Senses, etc. - so he understands architectural opulence. He has an eye for luxury and a passion for sustainable green design, especially houses with a contemporary-industrial style.

Dan Vollmer

Land Acquisitions Director / Co Founder

Dan is a realtor by trade working out of the mountains west of Boulder CO. Working mostly with mountain homes and affluent clientele has given him a great understanding of the housing market and how it continues to change in these uncertain times. Dan built his business from scratch and found success in a highly competitive market. Before real estate Dan worked as a private client banker for JP Morgan. This mixture of financial market experience and real estate gives him a great ability to read the market and an understanding of how to navigate its growth to ensure success. 

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