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  • How do you insulate your homes?
    For the containers themselves, we use closed cell spray foam insulation because they hold higher R values than traditionally built homes. Closed cell insulation provides an R value or retention value (how much heat it keeps in or out) of 6-6.5 per inch which is almost twice that of traditional insulation. Not only that but it creates a waterproof barrier to help block condensation build up on the interior while maintaining a low profile and taking up less space. For the roofs, basement walls, and concrete slabs on grade we use rigid insulation as required by local building codes. This combination of insulation types will ensure these homes are very energy efficient in both heating and cooling conditions.
  • Are your containers rust proof?
    Shipping containers are made with Corten steel which is rust resistant by itself and on their own without maintenance are designed to last 25 years. Corten steel is distinguished from other types of steel in that it’s a group of steel alloys that were developed to eliminate the need for painting. Container manufacturers use this material because it possesses the physical properties that make it weldable and rust-resistant. In practice, rust resistance means that should a piece of paint chip off of the steel, a thin layer of rust will form at the surface but not go much deeper. For our homes, we paint these already-rust-resistant containers with an elastomeric waterproof primer base before applying the finish color, ensuring maximum protection for the steel. This essentially triples the life of the shipping container steel with minimal maintenance. If you proactively maintain the exterior of your home as you would any other home, these will last as long as most traditional building materials exposed to the elements.
  • I thought shipping container homes were cheap?
    These aren’t the container homes you’re thinking of. Our homes blend a mixture of shipping containers and traditional building materials while maintaining the high degree of quality we demand. By using only the highest quality materials, Box and Boulder is setting the standard for newly built luxury container homes. We design them to outlast traditionally built homes starting with a stronger structural core (reinforced steel containers) and coupled with traditional framing materials and enclosed with high-end roof and wall envelope finishes.
  • How are your homes regarding noise?
    Our homes will protect against noise the same regular homes would. Like all builders we must adhere to local building codes in every regard including sound transmission class (STC). We strive to exceed codes and showcase the quality you expect from luxury homes. Along with sprayed exterior wall insulation, we also use sound attenuation blanket insulation in the interior walls to ensure quiet separation between spaces of the homes.
  • Can we customize the floorplans?
    We can customize interior and exterior color schemes, flooring, counter-tops, appliances, and some finishes. If looking to upgrade there are associated costs with higher grade material. Upgrading from granite countertops to marble for example will see a higher premium added to overall build costs.
  • What is the typical build time?
    Because each home is semi-customized, we build the homes starting right when we have a mutually executed purchase agreement. Our modern building practices and use of containers does allow us to build our homes faster. RoxBox Containers, our home builders, prefabricate and prepare the containers to be installed on site while our General Contractor works to prepare each build site for home installation. By doing both tasks at the same time we expedite the overall building process while still maintaining high-quality construction. Typically you can expect a home to be finished within 8-12 months from purchase contract to close date but ask for a max allowance of 15 months due to variables outside our control including weather, permit turnaround, building supply availability, etc.
  • Can we visit the build site during construction?
    You are able to visit while your home is being built. Each visit will need to be approved by the General Contractor and a Box and Boulder representative must be present each time. Due to liability and safety reasons you will not be permitted to enter the build site without an approved appointment.
  • Where do you source your containers?
    Our partner company RoxBox sources the containers from a company in Australia and only uses One-Trip containers. Upon arrival they are heavily cleaned and inspected to ensure no defects rest within and their structural integrity lasts a lifetime.
  • Are snow loads an issue?
    Not at all! Our homes are designed structurally to more than double local building codes requirements for snow and are designed to withstand the environment they’re built in. Each home must pass a rigorous testing and inspection process not only by us but by local jurisdictions before any Certificate of Occupancy is granted.
  • Will the roads be paved?
  • Is there an HOA?
    At our Evergreen development there is an established HOA with an annual fee of $1000 USD. The HOA mostly protects home design and helps maintain/plow the roads.
  • We love your homes but already own land, can we build one on our own land?"
    If we can, we will! We must check a few things. First, the local authority having jurisdiction will tell us if shipping container homes are even allowed in their town/city. Most Colorado towns allow them as of today and the International Building Code just recognized them as an official residential building type in the US! So expect to see more shipping container homes in the future. Second, we must get approval from the local HOA, if there is one. Most HOAs love our homes and have no issues. Others require that a majority of the exposed shipping container be covered with a local siding material. The last hurdle is simple site access. Though most land is buildable, some may be too steep to build a proper foundation or inaccessible by our container delivery equipment. We can advise beforehand if this is an issue. If we can pass those requirements, then Box and Boulder would act as project managers for a fee built into the overall purchase price and help get one of these homes built on your land!
  • What if I want to design my own home and have you build it?
    We do not do custom one-off designs. We are not opposed to different ideas and can act as design consultants and help manage the project if needed for a pre negotiated fee. However, we will only act in a consultation capacity through our in-house architect under their business entity and the overall project will not be related to Box and Boulder developments.
  • What are the prices?
    Because our homes are semi-customizable and integrate differing landscapes into each home our costs can vary and will depend on specific plots and design features. Please contact us for information on costs associated with each home for sale.
  • Why can’t I see a completed house in person?
    We haven’t built them yet, the first is under construction! You are a part of the very beginning of our lifetime development quest to make shipping container homes more prevalent in the US. Our company is led by two industry professionals who have designed, developed, and sold hundreds of homes and commercial buildings. We took our knowledge and experience, teamed up with the leading container reuse manufacturer in the US, Roxbox Containers, and started this company. We will have multiple houses to come visit and see in person in the coming years. In the meantime, we’re using photo-realistic renderings and virtual walk-through technology to accurately show you what the completed project will actually look like before it’s built.

We are constantly learning and answering new questions. As we learn what most people are concerned about we'll be updating this page so check back often to see what new answers we have for you!

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