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Box and Boulder has partnered with one the top shipping container reuse manufacturers in the country -  Roxbox ™ Containers, LLC and Fox Construction who specializes in creating unique high-end homes. 

We have come together to build the nation’s first high-end container home development in Evergreen Colorado. Blending sustainability, luxury, and architectural philosophy our homes are designed to standout for generations to come. They are fireproof, pest proof, mold proof and due to their steel-based structures they will outlast traditional homes in almost every way.


Box and Boulder has redefined the idea of what a container home can be by blending traditional building materials, one trip storage containers, and modern building techniques to create one-of-a-kind homes that will never go out of style. We spared no expense bringing together modern design with contemporary opulence. Heated driveways, radiant floor heating in every room, smart home features throughout, top-of-the-line appliances, five-piece full master bathrooms, over 1000sqft of decks and patio space, skylights to flood the home with natural lighting, 20ft high ceilings and enough glass to truly take in every angle of beautiful landscape Evergreen has to offer.

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